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The Prayer Life of Edward McKendree Bounds

Did you know about Edward McKendree Bounds? He was a famous Christian writer and prayer warrior. He wrote a lot and prayed a lot too. Bounds believed prayer was powerful. He prayed for others often, with great faith. His work changed many people’s prayer lives.

Key Takeaways:

  • Edward McKendree Bounds was a Christian author, known for his writings on prayer.
  • Bounds dedicated himself to a life of prayer, emphasizing its transformative power.
  • His belief in the importance of prayer continues to inspire and guide Christians today.
  • Bounds’ writings on prayer provide valuable insights and lessons for deepening one’s prayer life.
  • Joining a praying community can enhance and support an individual’s prayer journey, just as Bounds advocated.

The Life of Edward McKendree Bounds

Edward McKendree Bounds, also known as E.M. Bounds, was born on August 15, 1835. He was from Shelby County, Missouri. His life happened during important American events like the Civil War.

Bounds first worked as an attorney and was very good at it. Yet, he felt a strong pull towards working for the church. So, he quit law to follow his heart into ministry.

During the Civil War, Bounds got put in jail because he supported the Confederates. This time was very hard for him. Yet, it made his faith in God stronger. He prayed a lot, finding comfort and strength.

“Prayer is the battleground where we fight the spiritual battles of life, and it is through prayer that we tap into the infinite power of God.”

After the war, Bounds became a pastor in the Methodist Episcopal Church South. He faced a lot of sadness, like his wife and kids dying too soon. But he kept believing in prayer for comfort and hope.

Taking Refuge in Prayer

Edward McKendree Bounds really believed in the power of prayer. He spent a lot of time talking to God. He saw prayer as a safe space for sharing his thoughts and finding peace.

Key Events in the Life of Edward McKendree BoundsDate
BirthAugust 15, 1835
Imprisonment during the Civil War1861-1865
Ordained as a pastor1869
Death of his wife and childrenEarly 1870s
DeathAugust 24, 1913

Bounds never stopped believing in the power of prayer, even when life got tough. He felt that prayer let us connect with God’s power. He believed it could change lives and the world for the better.

Edward McKendree Bounds’s life teaches us about faith and prayer. His writings still move people to pray more. His story shows us that prayer can change us, heal us, and bring us closer to God.

Bounds’ Commitment to Prayer

Bounds really believed in prayer. He saw how prayer could change people and society. He didn’t just pray on his own. He led prayer meetings every week. There, he prayed hard for his country to heal from war. These meetings brought people together to pray for God’s help.

Bounds prayed every morning from 4 am to 7 am. He talked to God with all his heart during this time. He felt daily prayer was key for growing spiritually and healing his country. Bounds knew that sticking to prayer could bring amazing changes and help align with God’s plan.

“Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily admission of one’s weakness. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart.” – Edward McKendree Bounds

For Bounds, prayer was more than asking for things. It meant wanting to be close to God. He saw it as admitting we are weak and needing God’s strength. True prayer comes from the heart, showing sincerity in talking to God.

Bounds saw the power of prayer in his life. He believed prayer could revive and heal. His strong belief in prayer encourages us to pray more in our lives. He shows us how prayer can deeply affect us and the world.

prayer commitment

Bounds’ Definition of Prayer

Edward McKendree Bounds saw prayer in a special way. He believed it lets faith grab God’s promises. To him, faith in Jesus’ power in prayer was key. He thought prayer changes us to be more like God. It connects us deeply with Him. Bounds said prayer must match God’s will. It also means living as He wants.

“Prayer is faith taking hold of the promises of God before they manifest in the natural realm. It is the channel through which divine power flows into the earthly realm, enabling believers to partner with God in fulfilling His will.”

Bounds didn’t see prayer as just a ritual. He thought it was a strong tool for believers. Prayer, he said, needs full faith in God. It aligns us with God’s big plan, showing real power is in God’s hands.

Praying right, said Bounds, means our wants should match God’s plans. Prayer isn’t to make God do what we want. It’s to follow His lead. It brings true joy and change. Bounds urged us to seek God’s will and follow His path.

The Power of Faith in Prayer

Bounds focused on faith’s role in prayer. He said faith-filled prayers can do wonders. He pushed us to believe in God and His promises.

“True faith in prayer is not based on the visible circumstances but on an unwavering belief in God’s character and His willingness to answer according to His perfect will.”

Bounds showed faith is more than just believing. It’s truly relying on God and His promises. He wanted us to have strong faith. This faith mixed with prayer opens up God’s endless power, he believed.

Living a Life Aligned with God’s Will

Bounds thought prayer was part of a bigger picture. A life following God naturally prays a lot. He felt such a life connects deeply with God.

“Prayer should not be confined to a routine or specific times; it is a continuous conversation with God throughout every moment of our lives. It is a daily surrender of our will to His, aligning our thoughts, desires, and actions with His divine purpose.”

He wanted us to see prayer as an ongoing talk with God. He said we should aim to match God’s big plans. This leads to a closer bond with God and a bigger impact in the world.

Living as Bounds suggests changes us. It helps us grow close to God. Faith, giving in, and matching God’s will make prayer powerful. It’s a way to grow, connect with God, and join His work.

Edward McKendree Bounds - Definition of Prayer

Lessons on Prayer from Edward McKendree Bounds

Edward McKendree Bounds was a famous author and prayer hero. His lessons on prayer are still important and powerful today. He taught how crucial prayer is for pastors. He also showed how important it is to pray for God’s help every day. Bounds talked about the deep link between praying and doing well in ministry. He believed that being consistent in prayer brings lasting benefits.

Bounds thought praying was vital for pastors. He said prayer isn’t just a task, but a way to get spiritual power. He believed that pastors need to pray a lot. This helps them connect deeply with God. Then, they can get God’s wisdom and power to lead their people.

“The pastor who is not praying is playing.” – Edward McKendree Bounds

Bounds also talked about the need for prayer to receive the Holy Spirit’s anointing. He said that through earnest, faith-filled prayer, people could be anointed. This anointing helps them do what God wants. Bounds wanted believers to always seek God’s new anointing through prayer.

Bounds said it’s critical to make prayer a key part of every day. He knew that life’s busyness can push prayer aside. To fight this, he said to carve out special times to talk to God. This way, people can grow closer to Him.

Bounds linked prayer with doing well in ministry. He saw prayer not just as a spiritual act, but a way to access God’s power. He taught that prayer is key for God’s power to change lives. By praying, believers can do better in helping others and see God do amazing things.

Lastly, Bounds believed in the power of sticking with prayer. He stressed that prayer demands persistence and discipline. He wrote a lot about keeping up with prayer and always seeking God. Bounds said that this commitment to prayer leads to spiritual growth, stronger faith, and knowing God’s plans better.

The Endurance and Fruitfulness of a Consistent Prayer Life

Benefits of a Consistent Prayer LifeScripture References
Increased spiritual growthJames 1:4
Strengthened faithHebrews 11:1
Deeper understanding of God’s willColossians 1:9
Edward McKendree Bounds and prayer

Edward McKendree Bounds’ lessons on prayer are a treasure for us all. He helped us see how crucial prayer is in knowing God. His teachings guide those who want to pray better. They help us learn the importance of prayer in leadership, the need for God’s anointing, how to make prayer a main focus, the tie between prayer and ministry success, and how steady prayer is fruitful.

The Legacy of Edward McKendree Bounds

Edward McKendree Bounds wrote about prayer. His work has touched many people’s hearts. He published two books in his life. Yet, his ideas on prayer have helped many.

Bounds trusted in prayer’s power. It can inspire and lead to a better spiritual life. He is known for his strong faith and service in Christianity.

“Prayer must be the powerhouse of the believer’s life.”

– Edward McKendree Bounds
Edward McKendree Bounds legacy

The Impact of Bounds’ Legacy

Bounds’ writings keep inspiring Christians to pray. He showed how important and powerful prayer is.

He taught that prayer connects us with God. It helps people live a life God wants for them.

Continuing the Legacy

Edward McKendree Bounds’ lessons on prayer still help people today. By reading his works, Christians learn about prayer’s value.

To keep Bounds’ memory alive, we can read his books. This way, we feel the power of prayer. It guides us to follow a path of faith, like Bounds did.

Discovering E.M. Bounds’ Writing

E.M. Bounds has a great collection of writings on prayer online. They help people want to pray more and understand its deep effects.

The Complete Works by E.M. Bounds is a key resource. It’s full of wisdom on prayer for readers to explore.


E.M. Bounds Complete Works

Bounds’ writing can change how you pray. His work has helped many feel closer to God. By reading his work, people find useful tips and encouragement. It motivates them to keep God in their prayers.

Praying like Edward McKendree Bounds

People who like Edward McKendree Bounds’ way of praying can learn from him. He set special times to pray, making it more important than other things. Bounds loved deep, purposeful prayer. He also talked to God all day.

“Prayer should be the key of the day and the lock of the night.” – Edward McKendree Bounds

To pray like Bounds, create a prayer routine every day. This means setting times to talk deeply with God. You can do this in the morning, on lunch breaks, or before bed. Taking quiet time for prayer helps us feel closer to God.

Also, try talking to God any time you can during the day. This means keeping a prayerful mood and saying quick prayers when needed. Say thanks, ask for help, or pray for others. Doing this often makes talking to God a regular part of life.

Remember, praying isn’t just about words. It’s about how your heart feels and letting God guide you. Bounds showed us how important faith and trust are in prayer. By giving our worries and dreams to God, we show we trust Him to care for us. Trusting God more than ourselves is key to praying like Bounds.

Emulating Edward McKendree Bounds’ Prayer Practices:

  1. Prioritize dedicated time for prayer each day to cultivate a deeper connection with God.
  2. Practice continuous communication with God throughout the day by offering quick prayers and seeking His guidance in various situations.
  3. Surrender your desires and align them with God’s will, embracing faith and trust in His power to transform and provide.

Joining a Praying Community

Edward McKendree Bounds knew praying together mattered. Being in a prayer group helps everyone. You get support and friends to pray with.

When you join a prayer community, you feel the power of everyone praying together. You can share your worries and happy times. People are there to pray with you.

In a praying community, you get help and kind words on your faith walk. Friends in the group give advice and wisdom when things are tough. It’s a safe place to find peace and comfort.

“Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily admission of one’s weakness. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart.” – Edward McKendree Bounds

Praying with others keeps you true to your prayer life. Meeting regularly helps you pray more. It makes you want to pray more and for others too.

Praying with a group, big or small, brings us together. It shows we’re not alone. We’re all walking this path with God’s big family.

Benefits of Joining a Praying Community

Being in a prayer group has many good points, like:

  • Spiritual growth: Praying with others helps you understand God better. It makes your faith stronger.
  • Accountability: A prayer group keeps you focused on praying regularly.
  • Support and encouragement: Everyone shares and cares about each other’s prayers.
  • Collective intercession: Praying together makes our prayers stronger. Big things can happen.
  • Learning from others: You learn new things about praying from friends in the group.

Joining a prayer group changes your prayer life a lot. It’s great for making friends, getting help, and growing in faith.

Ways to Find a Praying Community
1. Ask your church or Christian friends for ideas.
2. Search online or on social media for prayer groups nearby.
3. Go to prayer events or retreats to meet others who love praying.
4. Start a prayer group with your friends or people you know.

Finding the right prayer group takes time. Look for a place that fits your beliefs. It should be a place where you can pray freely and honestly.

By joining others in prayer, you’ll see how powerful it can be. You get help and kind words, grow in faith, and learn more about God.


Edward McKendree Bounds was a strong Christian writer. He was also a clergy member of the Methodist Episcopal Church South. He deeply influenced the Christian faith with his focus on prayer. Even when things got tough, Bounds kept praying. He shows us how important prayer is.

Bounds wrote a lot about prayer. He showed us how special it is in our spiritual lives. He taught that prayer changes things. He wanted people to talk to God sincerely and often.

Thinking about Edward McKendree Bounds makes us want to pray more. Prayer can really help us grow in our faith. If we pray like Bounds did, we can get closer to God. Prayer can do amazing things in our lives.


Who was Edward McKendree Bounds?

E.M. Bounds was an author, lawyer, and Methodist Episcopal Church South clergy.

What did Edward McKendree Bounds write about?

He wrote about prayer in 11 books.

How did Edward McKendree Bounds view prayer?

He saw prayer as a way to embrace God’s promises.

What lessons can we learn from Edward McKendree Bounds about prayer?

Bounds taught that prayer is key for pastors. It needs to be top in daily life.This links prayer and being good at ministry.

What is Edward McKendree Bounds’ legacy?

His prayer writings greatly changed many people. They show prayer’s power in Christianity.

Where can I find Edward McKendree Bounds’ writings on prayer?

Bounds’ prayer texts are free online.

How can I incorporate Edward McKendree Bounds’ prayer practices into my own life?

He suggested setting aside time for prayer. Make it more important than other things.Also, talk to God all day.

Is there benefit in joining a prayer community?

Yes, a prayer group offers support, encouragement, and helps grow your prayer life.

What was the significance of Edward McKendree Bounds’ prayer life?

Despite hard times, Bounds’ devotion to prayer inspires. It shows prayer’s role in changing lives and growing spiritually.


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